TRS 1475 Rock Hawg

TRS 1475 Rock Hawg works through solid rock and produces stones, gravel and sand.

As well as eliminating the need for blasting, the rockhawg also produces a material that can bypass the primary stage of crushing. The rockhawg’s high production output makes it not only useable for construction projects, but also in quarries where a single machine could meet the material requirements for smaller production facilities and


Featuring Kennametal carbide technology to ensure maximum performance, the KenCast range of wear production products from Kennametal offers superior wear resistance for significantly reduced operating costs.
Kencast is:
Easier to apply and tougher than brazed-on solid carbide tiles
Longer lasting and easier to apply than hardfacing material
More wear resistanct than standard or AR-type steels
Better at protecting the carbide particles than embedded weld overlays

Technical Data: 

KenCast Hardness Properties
Hardness ranges for composite ingredients:
tungsten carbide = 86-91 HRA
matrix steel = 52-58 HRC
base steel = 38-50 HRC

Technical Specification

TRS 1675 Trencher

The largest Tesmec trenching machine in the world, digging over 7 m in rock!Weighing over 140 ton, the Tesmec TRS 1675 XL chainsaw can dig:

  • 70 cm - 150 cm wide.
  • 0 - 7.2 m deep in rock.

With a choice of digging sizes available, this is the ideal machine where high production

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